Not ready to buy – looking for a rental?

    We get a lot of calls from people who are looking to rent or lease a home or apartment.  Here are some hints for those looking for a rental.  In the El Dorado, Ks area especially there are 5 main methods.  I’ve ordered them from most effective to least effective, in my opinion:

    1. – This is the most helpful place to start.  You’ll want to scroll down to the real estate picture that’s clickable in the middle of the home page (under discover El Dorado), click on “available rental properties in El Dorado”, then go through each of the 6 to 7 tabs available.  There is also a landlord list available to the right in the sidebar.  Not EVERY landlord lists their individual properties on this site, so calling through this list will help.
    2. Facebook swap and Facebook real estate pages – a good place locate rental listings.
    3. Craigslist – a lot of landlords and property owners/managers list here.
    4. Physically driving around  – this tried and true method is still somewhat effective, but VERY time-consuming!  Due to time restraints and other factors, I put it toward the bottom of the list.
    5. Shopper’s Guide – This local shopper paper will have some rental listings in it.

    I hope this helps in your search for a new home.  Please feel free to contact us anytime when you’re ready to buy, have questions about looking for a rental unit, or need help with anything real estate related!

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    Jeff Glaves

    Jeff, a lifetime resident of the El Dorado and Butler County area, graduated from Butler County Community College and Wichita State University. While finishing at WSU, he became interested in real estate. Over 21 years of handling or supervising hundreds of transactions has given him the experience. Growing up on a 160 acre farm between Leon and El Dorado, owning his own business, and having 3 kids has given him the work ethic. Being raised by God fearing, Christian parents, a deep Faith, and trying to live by the Golden Rule has given him the integrity. These and a strong passion for marketing and serving others, we feel you will NOT be disappointed in choosing the Glaves Realty team. While not working Jeff enjoys spending time with his 3 kids (12, 10 and 6), watching them in their sports and extracurricular activities, fishing, hunting, exercise, and anything outdoors. He is proud to be a member of First Baptist Church of El Dorado. Faith, family, then business are the priorities that drive him.

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